Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash Doesn't Have To Be Hard

One of the first products I ever tried on  my hair when I cut my relaxer off and "went natural" was Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash. One of the things I really loved about it was how it gave me plump defined curls  how even though it did not lather my hair and more importantly my scalp was fully cleansed. The one thing I did not like about it was the high price tag, and how difficult it was to find in stores. While 10.75 for an 8oz container is not that expensive paying 8.75 for shipping is highway robbery.

My favorite hair YouTuber Napturals85 decided to venture out and make her own and inspired me to do the same. (our recipes are different).

Left is with store bought cleanser, Right is with homemade wash

Homemade Clay/Mud Wash:

1. 4oz of Aloe Vera Juice
2. 3 Tablespoons Bentonite Clay
3. 3/4 Tablespoons Basil Oil
4. 1/4 Tablespoon Rosemary Oil
5. 1 Tablespoon Avocado Oil
6. 1/2 teaspoon Ylang Ylang


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Terressentials! Regarding the "highway robbery"...we have to pay the Post Office and/or UPS to ship packages. And, as a small company, we don't get the discounts that megacorporations get. Some people don't realize that. We often lose money when we ship to you.

Thank you so much for the mention!

Anonymous said...

Will try this!

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