Thursday, September 5, 2013

ACE Pumpkin Hard Cider

As I walked through the check out aisle at Trader Joe's I was as most of us always are taunted by items we really don't need. This time it was a very unique cider, from ACE  that caught my attention, and that I decided against my budget to buy. I didn't fall in love with ACE's Pumpkin Hard Cider like I assumes I would (I love all things pumpkin), but I do have to say I like it. This uniquely colored deep caramel toned, very lightly carbonated 5% Alcohol/Volume cider is much more like a traditional hot mulled apple cider with a hint of pumpkin spice added than a cider made with actual pumpkin, which is probably why I was overall a smidge disappointed. Don't get me wrong it's good, but I've been drinking a lot more cider now that I'm eating paleo (no grains, gluten, legumes  processed foods etc) so I've tastes some really good ones recently. Overall I'd give this one a 6.5 out of 10, with a 5 for  flavor, 8 for smell and appearance and a 10 for for cost. Bonus points for the fact that I like the other ACE ciders made by The California Cider Company, right out of Northern California's Sebastopol.  

I'd try it again if I was in a particular mood for something more sweet, or wanted to bring something different to one of the holiday parties that's on the horizon. 

Anything salty (chips etc.) 

Fermented apple juice, carbonated water, apple concentrate as a natural sweetener  natural flavors, malic acid, sulfite (preservative).

(See no actual pumpkin what gives?)

Where to Buy:

Trader Joe's $2.99 or check out ACE's store locator

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