Monday, August 26, 2013

Mikkeller Vanilla Shake Beer

This is a beautiful Mikkeller beer and a dynamic oatmeal stout. The name should tell you it's also quite unique yet not too far out to be off putting. Who knew Denmark could make such kick ass beer? This bottle is an Oatmeal Stout that's brewed with vanilla and coffee which results in a complex yet inviting flavor. While there is no sugar added the natural sweetness of the vanilla shines through while the power of the coffee lingers ( my fellow coffee lovers will appreciate this).  It also has a thicker consistency of any Stout I've ever had (note: my first beer love was Guinness). I'd highly recommend this one. 

Suggested Pairings: 
All by it's damn self (ha!)
Savory Beef/Bison Dish
Game Meat (Savory Duck, Or Goose dish)

Where to Buy (SF Bay Area):
Berkeley Bowl
Whole Foods

It's a bit pricey at 9.95 (at Berkeley Bowl) for 11.5 fl oz but it's worth it at least once.

Mikkeller has so many more varieties I need to try which is why I'm happy to say there is actually a  Mikkeller Bar SF. Yes,  a bar full of Mikkeller and other specialize beers bottles/tap.
34 Mason Street

San Francisco. 

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