Friday, June 7, 2013

Shoptalk: Isobell

Summer is almost here, and it’s time to pull out your uniform from your is a sundress (maxi or mini) or cut offs and a tee but just make sure you find some awesome accessories to bring a little pop to your looks. If you are looking for yet another wonderful Bay Area based designer I've found one, by the name of Melody. Melody is the woman behind the Oakland, based accessories line Isobell. Isobell is a line which is based in geometry (isn't this the only math class you liked too HA!), yet has a femininity delicacy that makes the line appeal to a wide range of women. Most of the pieces from the collection can be worn every day, and are extremely affordable for handcrafted works of art, making it a brand that is accessible to all. Melody incorporates re-proposed/recycled metals with her traditional metal smithing techniques. Once I stumbled upon the brand on Etsy (yes, she has an Etsy site too), I immediately had to pick up an item as no only were  the pieces beautiful, but I’m a firm believer in keeping my money local and supporting small businesses whenever possible. So if you’d like to support this Bay Area business, then check out Isobell online and peruse previous collections, shop, check out Melody’s blog, or check out where you can find Isobell at a brick and mortar store near you!

Not into online shopping check out Isobell at the following venues:

Indie Mart
June 19th
Speakeasy Brewery, San Francisco

Renegade Craft Fair
July 20th and 21st
Fort Mason, San Francisco

Get Social with Isobell:

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My Isobell Purchase :) 

Photo Credit: Isobell

UPDATE: You can now find Isobell at her Brika site!

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