Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Out and About with BASF: Gilt City Warehouse Sale SF

This past Friday, I had a chance to attend the VIP night of the Gilt City SF Warehouse Sale before it was opened to the general public.  The Sutter Room was not overflowing with people, but it was still very busy (just ask all the people in line at the dressing room).  

Let’s start off with what I didn’t like…..
For me, I personally don’t enjoy shopping in larger crowds, and I don’t like going through racks and racks of clothes, or stacks on stacks of shoe boxes. I’m honestly not that patient of a shopper, and I tend to know exactly what I like and I’m able to key in on it. Enough about me, there were tons of women’s clothing selection, although it was not at all organized by size color, style which was a bit frustrating. The men’s area was of course much smaller, but way easier to navigate and the children’s section were very limited. There were tons of shoes, which were organized by size at least; however there were so many stacked on top of one another they too were hard to navigate. The accessories finds other than the scarves were very slim pickings, and the handbags were overpriced.

The health and beauty/lifestyle table however was my personal favorite, there were top of the line curling irons, skin care, teeth whitening systems, coffee table books, linens, bedding, I was surprisingly in heaven! And of course there were all the “extras” great Prosecco from La Marca  an odd but refreshing concoction Vita Coco coconut water, Soda, and New Amsterdam Vodka. I was also introduced to a wonderful new product from Vita Coco called Coco Cafe. I’m in love with Coco Cafe, it’s a hydrating caffeinated mixture, and it’s a must buy item on my next grocery list!

Overall this was a great event, but you have to be in a certain “mode” or be a particular type of shopper to get the best out of this type of event, hopefully I’ll have better luck next year!

Want to know what I got; check out what’s in the bag……

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