Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shoe Find of The Week: Deena & Ozzy Sabrina Ankle-Wrap Sandal

It's that time of year again, sandal season. Well, I'm in Northern California so technically any time of the year depending on the day and the micro-climate it's sandal season. This year  I'm trying very hard not to buy another pair of black sandals (it's much harder than it sounds) and venture off in to some neutral colors, and fun shades for me warm weather foot wear. My top sandal pick is the Deena & Ozzy Sabrina Ankle-Wrap Sandal (will the gladiator ever go away?).  The nude color is great for wear with colorful maxi/sun dressed, classic cut offs and a white tank or almost anything else you decide to pair it with. And yes, they also come in black if you must know! The price point is also very attractive, they are only $39 and from my experience with some of the Urban Outfitter brands their products are build to last at least for a couple spring/summer seasons.

While I don't typically wear leather (let's not get into that long story), these are 100% leather upper which for the price point is a steal. I don't these will be around for long, so hurry and scoop up a pair. HAPPY SHOPPING! 

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