Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Corner: Shea Butter Moisturizer and Shea Butter Pomade

I have to say this is my BEST DIY I’ve done to date. Okay some of you may beg to differ, but since cut off my relaxer and rocking my natural hair I’ve been a crazy person with products. Let’s just say I’m a product junkie,  I’ve almost bought a product every week, was a member of 2 curly hair subscription boxes (I’m still a CurlBox member) the entire things was (is?) really out of hand.
Sorry I didn't get a picture of the Raw Shea Butter

The biggest thing I was struggling with, with my old/new hair was moisture.  One of the biggest challenges with natural black hair is moisture retention, and no product/styler I’d tried up until now had worked.  So I decided to take the leap and make my own Shea Butter Moisturizer and Shea Butter Pomade.  This  is not just a black girl product, this can be used on all types of hair (think a deep moisture treatment you can wash out) and the best part is it can be used on your body too which is great for these cold months!
Completed Shea Butter Moisturizer 

Shea Butter Moisturizer:
·         6-7oz Unrefined/Refined Shea Butter (depending on what you can find in your area)
·         1 tbsp. Olive Oil
·         1 tsp. Jojoba Oil
·         1 tsp.  Castor Oil
·         ½ tsp. Vitamin E
-          In a large bowl add room temperature Shea Butter then add your oils
-          Using a hand mixer blend the Butter/Oil until smooth
Complete Shea Butter Pomade

Shea Butter Pomade:
** There are no exact measurements with this since it’s all about what texture of pomade YOU want
·         Dollop or more of Coconut Oil
·         Dollop or more of Shea Butter Moisturizer
·         Olive Oil
·         Jojoba Oil
·         Castor Oil or Jamaican Black Castor Oil
·         Any other additional Oils your hair/skin love
      Mix until a smooth creamy/springy consistency

Where to find products:
I’m lucky enough to have a store that carries all these items in one spot so I don’t have to go from store to store but if you don’t you can find these products at Whole Foods, Trader Joes (minus the Shea Butter), or your local health food store.

This was inspired by Naptural85’s YouTube post; check it out if you need more visuals on the how to! 


brittany said...

wow. this looks great! have you tried organic coconut oil? do you find that this works better? how long does the moisture last for you?

Kasey said...

Brittany, the moisture last me a few days. I used that particular coconut oil just because that's what I had on hand. One more thing I liked about it is there is a visible sheen to my hair as well.

Mens and Womens Fashion Online said...

Looks great.

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