Wednesday, January 16, 2013

B.A. Style Steal of the Day: Sparkle & Fade Neoprene Jacket

I placed this item into my Urban Outfitters wish list long ago and I just happened to look at it again today and was floored that it was now $19.99. It went from $129.00 to $19.99 if that’s now a style steal I don’t know what is. Granted its pastel and neoprene so it’s not for everyone, but for  some of us California girls this can be layered for these unspeakable cool winter months we are getting (I know east coasters we are big babies), and will transition well into Spring when we start getting our rain. It’s also on trend for spring as far as the pastel blue is concerned (doesn't that always seem on trend for spring?).

Do you like the Sparkle & Fade Neoprene Jacket

photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Update: This jacket was HIDEOUS in person. It was the material of a Halloween Costume. I felt like I'd walked out of Party City. FAIL! 

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