Monday, December 3, 2012

Hair We Go: Two Strand Twist (Tutorial)

My hair pre wash (which I love by the way) almost no product

As some of you readers who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter may have deduced I have cut off my relaxed hair which since I’ve had this blog has been shoulder length, cropped, shoulder length, pixie, shag, and now au natural.  I stopped chemically relaxing my hair at the end of  June 2012 and in August 2012 had braids  using synthetic hair installed. It’s been 2 full months since I've cut my relaxed ends off (it’s called the big chop), and now I’m ready to play with my hair. Thanks to YouTube I've tried "The Green House Effect" (more on that in another post), and now I’m actually two strand twisting my extremely short afro. I’m here to tell you, that YouTube is a powerful and addicting drug and those natural hair Vlogger/Bloggers are HIGHLY influential.
product spread 

Step 1:
Deep Condition with oil or deep conditioner and sit under a hair steamer. Today I used a deep conditioner mixed with Olive Oil. I usually try and do some detangling here. 
*this is part of my normal wash routine

Step 2:
Co-Wash (not using traditional lathering shampoo) with Terressentials Organic Mud Wash
*this is part of my normal wash routine

Step 3:
Apply leave in conditioner and detangle hair (with fingers/comb). I use Beautiful Curls, Curl Activating Shea Butter leave-in conditioner
*this is part of my normal wash routine
The twist which took 2.5 hours eeeek

Step 4:
Section hair in to 4 large sections (use clips to keep sections separate)

Step 5:
 Within in one section at a time part into smaller sections and take two strands of hair ensure that your hair is wet either spray water or a spray leave in conditioner and apply a curling cream and twist.  I used Jane Carter Solutions Leave In and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

My hair post twist removal. It was hard getting a picture. I really loved this look.

Step  6:

Tie your hair up and sleep with the twist in your hair. You can speed up the drying process by sitting under the hair dryer or you can even wear the twist for days and take them out when you're ready. 

Step 7:
 Removal, using the oil of your choice (I used coconut oil) place a small amount of oil all over your hair. Then making sure your finger tips have oil on them pull apart twist (gently) starting from the base until all your twist are removed. You'll have a tone of visable parts you can use your fingers at the root of the twist to hide them or use and afro pick to gently remove the parts. 

YouTube Inspiration:

Note: I did my twist out on about 1 inch of hair which is a little shorter that what is seen in this video

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