Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shoptalk: Lazy Lotus

On The Go Scarf ( aka my daily scarf) 

As you can see from much post on this blog, I love Etsy but very rarely do I find a shop that I’m absolutely in love with that is located right in my own back yard. Lazy Lotus is the exception, this Bay Area based shop was started by Jenna who is a New Jersey native (move to the Bay Area 5 Years Ago) and a master of making beautiful scarves. I was first introduced to the brand by one of my other favorite brands, Oaklandish Facebook post. Oaklandish had taken a chance Lazy Lotus and carries the brand in there Uptown errr Downtown Oakland shop. The name Lazy Lotus didn’t come from nowhere, Jenna inspired by what she calls laziness, she said “I’m always looking for easy solutions to make me look a little more put together or fashion forward without having to spend much more time or effort.  I found scarves are great for that and started wearing them so often that the only logical next step was to make them for myself “I’m glad she decided to share her creations with us, and I’m also glad that they are in a price range that everyone can afford starting at $7-$26.

Black Russian Scarf ( one of Jenna's favs)

What’s even more amazing is since my first introduction to the brand, and buying my first scarf, she has expanded her line to these uber cute button earrings, which the moment I saw I had to buy. I’m looking forward to what Jenna and Lazy Lotus has in store for us next, especially since she says winter scarves are her focus.

Smell the Roses (another ones of Jenna's Favs)

  If you aren’t in Oakland, and want to get a full view of the Lazy Lotus Line  the best places would be the Etsy shop,  (of course) or the Lazy Lotus Facebook page.  If you are local beyond checking out Lazy Lotus online, Jenna and her scarves will be at the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival in Jack London on November 18th ( 

New Fabric Covered Button Earrings (and my newly cropped hair) 

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