Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BASF Vintage Week: Alameda Point Fashion Faire (Fall 2012) Clothing

The Mannequin that caught my attention and led me to Strange Vintage

There were so many beautiful pieces of clothing at the event, all where in pristine condition and some had even been reworked to works of art. I clearly I became a bit obsessed with on particular vendor (sorry) but I did managed to venture to other booths. I also made my first purchase, a pair of perfect vintage Levi jeans from the 70's. 

Someones fairy tale came true

The abundance of items were dresses, from wedding, to day, cocktail, to party dresses, I was tempted to get a couple but I resisted. Vintage fits are tricky fits, luckily there was a ladies dressing room and believe me there were soooooooo many women in their making sure the garment fit perfectly.  So check out some of the gorgeous pieces that caught my eye. 
Simply a work of art that was at the entrance to one vendors booth
Petticoat Junction at Strange Vintage
This was adorable, very Mad Men dinner party ( and it was almost mine)
There were even undergarments (from Strange Vintage) 
My new (old) pants  from MK Retro

Here is more information about some of the vendors featured in this post:

MK Retro

Strange Vintage

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