Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BASF Vintage Week: Alameda Point Fashion Faire (Fall 2012)- Accessories

I came for scarves, but got something else from MK Retro 

My entire goal other than covering the Alameda Point Fashion Faire was to make my first purchase (my second time at the event). My mission was to find some wonderful vintage scarves, but that was the one thing I had the hardest time finding until I came upon the MK Retro booth where I ended up buying something completely different ( more about that later). 

A beauty from Bleu Vintage

If you are new to vintage, or someone who doesn't completely understand what the big deal is about it you would even be impressed by how beautiful the accessories are. I say vintage accessories are the gateway drug to a full on vintage addiction. There were vendors specializing in accessories, and they came from right here in the central Bay Area and all the way from Sacramento to So Cal. It was a shock that I didn't break the bank and buy every single item I photographed. Anyway enough of me gushing over accessories here are more  pictures......
Bleu Vintage had the best purse selection by far

Great set of pearls from Mystery Mister
"I die" over these clutches from Mystery Mister
Swimcaps and sunglasses from MK Retro
Great shoes from J. Stavosky Vintage Clothing and Collectibles

Here’s more information on the vendors featured in this post:

Bleu Vintage

J. Stavosky
Janet  510-581-2728
Jill 510-538-8498

Mystery Mister
1506 Haight St at Ashbury
San Francisco, CA 94117

MK Retro

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