Monday, September 17, 2012

BASF Vintage Week: Alameda Point Fashion Fair (Fall 2012)

Much like I've done in the past for the Nordstrom Trend show I've decided to dedicate an entire week to all things vintage.  The pictorials/stories will be all about the Alameda Point Fashion Faire which was held last Friday and Saturday. I realized that there were far too many beautiful pieces for one post and I've decided to give you much more over this week.

I think I may have wanted this more than anything else I saw, but the $125 price tag scared me away. 

As I told you last week the event was held in Alameda on the old naval base and featured multiple ballrooms filled to capacity with vintage clothes for men, women, and even children. When I first got there I of course started snapping pictures of the things that caught my eye, then I took a second round an met some of the vendors, took a break and visited St. George Spirits for a libation, and then took to the Steampunk room. I finally ended my adventure with my own purchase. Today I'll be sharing the items that caught my eye on my first go around! :)

They don't make luggage as beautiful or as durable as this any more
Beautiful bag
Really loved this dress too.......ahhh if only 
Yes, this is a cute little kids jacket! 

Even managed to find a vintage box from Oakland! 

So many regrets for not buying this dress....the back was equally beautiful

Tomorrow I'll be featuring accessories!

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