Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Style File Find of The Week: Kitsy Lane


I'm sure many of your are familiar with the at home/door to door jewelry selling concept well Kitsy Lane has modernized that with a purely online option, which includes flash sales. Kitsy Lane depends on independent sellers to curate their own boutiques with a selection of designer items. When I say designer items Kitsy Lane isn't just selling items designed by them they are getting top designers like Bing Bang, Butik Beads, Rafia and more all at a deeply discounted price. The concept is simple you visit the Kitsy Lane site via a boutique invite to shop or you can also open up your own boutique and become a boutique owner. Boutique owners can customize an online store front, select merchandise to sell, and stock a weekly flash sale. Each sale could earn the boutique owner a profit of up to 25%. However if you don't want to be an owner the selection or merchandise to shop great and it's a  wonderful and it's an opportunity to support other women in this tough economy.

So if  you are  into a Bauble Bar meets Gilt Groupe experience you should visit Kitsy Lane. Of course you know I'm a boutique owner  (all the items posted are in my boutique) so please make sure you check out the Bay Area Style File Shop, and sign up for my weekly flash sale!

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