Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Corner: Big Bling Statement Necklace

The statement necklace is an accessory that will never truly go out of style. The shapes may change, the types of stones used may change, but it's a classic. I'm so glad the the blog Trinkets in Bloom (TiB) created such a wonderful informative post that inspired my new necklace!


1. Plastic Rhinestones ( any craft shop I got mine from Michael's and JoAnn's)
2. Plastic Canvas  (you can find this a JoAnn's or a craft shop Micheal's does not carry this item.
3. Ribbon ( most craft shops or a Fabric Shop)
4. 20 gauge wire
5. Pliers
7. Scissors
8. Glue ( I used E6000)

For a step by step guide to the project check out the Trinkets in Bloom blog it's great!

 What I did differently:

  • Instead of cutting a rectangle sheet like TiB is I bought  a plastic sheet that was pre cut round ( same price as the rectangle shaped one) cut it in half and then thinned it out to the necklace shape.
  • I used silver wire instead of gold 
  • I used all black and clear Rhinestones for a different look.  
  • I actually stitched (just a few large basic ones anyone can do it) my ribbon on to the back prior to gluing it on as well as prior to gluing any rhinestones on.

Other Ideas:

  • Use Rhinestones in a setting, for a more expensive look ( will be a more expensive price tag as well)
  • Try this as a cuff bracelet (glue plastic onto a cuff)
  • Cut into shapes other than a bib i.e. large pyramid

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