Friday, June 29, 2012

Beauty Find of The Week: TATCHA Skincare

I've brought you a few stories from  Bay Area based beauty brand TATCHA in the past including and interview with Vicky Tsai the companies "Chief Treasure Hunter" and  founder. TATCHA has been all over the top fashion and beauty magazines both national and internationally with its authentic aburatoigami (oil blotting) papers.  Now TATCHA brings us and entire skincare line, which like the aburatoigami is based on the ancient beauty rituals of the clear skinned Geisha, as well as some modern day help of scientist, and scholars.

The birth of TATCHA skincare began in Kyoto, Japan where with the help of the Geisha, Scholars, and scientist the secrets of Eastern skincare and beauty were unveiled to create a skincare line for every women (and men too). Of course the line is filled with the HADASEI-3TM Bioactive Complex which is comprise of green tea, Okinawa red algae and rice bran—as well as other indigenous extracts which will probably remain the secret of Vicky and a few Geisha's.

The skincare line consist of the One Step Camellia Cleaning Oil, Polishing Powders ( 1 for each skin type), Deep Brightening Serum, and Moisture Rich Silk Creme. All which can be used together using the following steps:

Step 1 ­ Remove makeup + cleanse with the Camellia Oil

Step 2 ­ Gently exfoliate (also doubles as a cleanser) with the Rice Enzyme powder

Step 3 ­ Brighten the skin (also doubles as a lotion for people with oily skin) with the Radiant Serum

Step 4 ­ Seal in the moisture (also double as a primer for makeup because the silk leaves a network on the skin) with the Silk Cream

Or like me you can use pieces of the line in conjunction with your current skin care regiment. I use the Deep Brightening Serum daily, and the Moisture Rich Silk Creme at night. You can purchase the entire line, or the pieces that you want to add to you routine at or Barneys New York (Including the San Francisco Location).

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