Since starting my own nail polish line, Lacquery I've admittedly been slacking on nail art and therefore nail art post. Since my last nail art post, people have gone from loving to hating it to loving nail art again. One newer trend called Caviar Nails has the field split, some people hate it and some love it. There is even a company that is selling caviar nail kits. I'm here to tell you DO NOT waste your money on that, Caviar nails is something ANYONE can do. Firstly it doesn't last long the color on the beads wear and fade eventually turning clear, one reason why some nailistas hate it, secondly it's raised design so it's prone to snagging.

Anyway I like it, but only if your doing it for an event (due to it not lasting and not being day to day functional). My twist on it is on it is to do an accent caviar nail and to use clear microbeads instead of colored ones.

1. Polish you nails with a base coat
2. Apply a thick coat of clear polish, I used Gelous.
3. Immediate over a bowl pour the microbeads onto your "accent nail" and lightly press the beads down with your finger. Repeat on one other nail or all nails for the full look.
4. Polish the rest of your nails your chosen color. I picked a custom color I made.

This is my take on the look, but the application process is the same no matter what color microbeads you decide to use. Google "Caviar Nails" for different looks.