Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cute Collabo: The Shops At Target

Target has become recently known for cool collaborations with top designers, and lets face it even when they aren't hosting a diffusion line you can find some pretty fashionable items there for a fraction of the cost. In May, specifically on May 6th Target is doing something slightly different, but equally as cool with a project they call The Shops at Target.  The Shops will run through June 6th and will bring chic  specialty stores from across the country right to, and in some cases Target brick and mortar location.  Each boutique owner has partnered with Target to created a  limited edition collection of various products that will run for 6 weeks or until they are completely sold out.  Up first are five very unique and very different shops ranging from beauty products to pet care.

The Webster, Miami (Apparel & Accessories) , which will be sold online and in store (Big Girl, Toddler Girl, and Women's Shoes are being exclusively sold online)

Privet House, Connecticut (Home) which will be sole online and in store ( some Shower pouf; Bath pouf; Loofah – Poufs will be online exclusives)

Cos Bar, Aspen, CO (Beauty) will be available online. P.S. and the actual Cos Bar (not the target collab) sells the wonderful Claudio Riaz brushes I’ve been raving about.

Polka Dog Bakery, Boston (Pets) Available in store, and select items will be available online

And yes even the Bay Area is in on this with The Candy Store  (San Francisco) and will have an array of candy and nostalgic goodies which won't be available online and will be sold in Target stores only.

 photo credit: Target

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