Monday, April 16, 2012

Beauty Find of The Week: Claudio Riaz's Instant Smoke

I try and keep this blog based in reality and don’t post many splurge items, but I was introduced to Claudio Riaz’s cosmetics on an impromptu mini shopping trip with my bestie this weekend and I’m so happy I found his line.  Let me start off by saying the cosmetics brush I’m going to talk about ( as well as the other two I want) cost $95. Yes, pick your face off of the floor I said 95 bucks, however I’m going to admit it was WELL worth it. Are you a makeup maven like myself, but still haven’t mastered a seamless smokey eye? Well, Claudio Riaz’s “Instant Smoke” brush allows you to achieve this looking in seconds. The wonderful lady at Barney’s completely revamped both my face and my besties face in less than 5 minutes each, just by enhancing our eyes (and a little blush/lip gloss) for good measure.   Each of Claudio’s is designed to offer precise make-up application as simply and quickly as possible. All of his brushes are huge, meaning that they actually fit the entire lid, so you can literally “stamp” on color no need to dip back into product or swipe across your lids every time.   

With the Instant Smoke brush it is as wide as my entire lid and perfectly shaped curve with the contours of and eye lid as well. So much so these as well as the rest of his brushes are patented so no one else can make it. To use the Instant Smoke brush you literally dip the brush in the shadow, and place the brush ( in a stamp motion) right on the lash line, this will form a straight almost liner-esque line. Right above that line you can move your brush up vertically which will create the smoke effect. 

Claudio Riaz,  isn't he handsome..... :)

Did I also mention that he has a beautiful range of foundations (I don’t wear them but they look great) and concealers in a range of colors from light to dark. YES, my Arab, Asian, Latina, and Black sisters you can wear his entire line, and of course my Caucasian ladies are hooked up too!  This is not surprising since Claudio is a Pakistani American, and Pakistani women ( he has 7 sisters) come in all shades.  Barney’s will be having an event in June which will feature Claudio’s right hand artist, I’m definitely going and I’ll wrap my little hands around the Instant Brow, and Instant Lid Brushes!  The line is sold exclusively at Barney’s….Happy Shopping, you deserve a splurge!

Photo Credit:  Paul Morigi/Getty Images North America

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Anonymous said...

Claudio is back to SF Barney's Dec 11th - 13th 2014. Don't miss him

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