Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shop Talk: Betty Bow

I’m admittedly not a girly girl, but I do love a bit of flare typically in the form of glitter or sequins. In the past (when my hair was longer) I’ve been known to wear a headband or two, that’s why I was so interested in Bay Area based line Betty Bow.  Designer Maja Trolle, moved from Denmark to San Francisco in 2010 and shortly after Betty Bow was born. Maja has always made clothes and accessories, she eventually made her first hairpiece which all her friends liked and wanted which eventually became a brand of its own. This first Betty Bow collection is staying true to Maja’s Scandinavian beginnings, but next month be on the look out for her bridal collection which is just in time for the spring and summer wedding season.

Betty Bow hairpieces can be found at the bettybow.com or etsy.com/thebettybow. The easiest way to stay up to date with the brand is to sign up for the newsletter and follow Maja’s tumblr site http://bettybow.tumblr.com/. Right now, Betty Bow is a line of simple, chic handmade bow headbands, but from what I've seen the line  and heard from Maja it's going to grow to much more. Happy Shopping! 

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