Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shoptalk: Thursday Friday

DIAMONDS Together Bag

As usual I'm window shopping online, when I visit one of my favorite sites Need Supply and I stumble upon the cutest, and cheekiest bag I've seen in a while. It was a white canvas tote with a Chanel-esque bag painted on it and I immediately googled the brand Thursday Friday to find that there were other bags with designer inspiration. Full disclosure, I'm not a designer bag girl I much prefer to spend my money on several things than one (over priced) item, I just don't see them as practical. But the Thursday Friday, Together, Super Together, and Mini Together are affordable, much more functional, and lets face it fun! The brand also boast a line of neoprene bags that are extremely cute as well. Of course a brand like this is powered by two smart and creative women, Creative pop music, and fashion magazine publication.  The price point of the line is also very reasonable with bags ranging from $30-$65, which makes the fun, chic, practical "It-Bag" a great post holiday gift for yourself. It's definitely the gift that I'll be getting myself, the only question is what color?! HAPPY SHOPPING!

MOTO Together Bag 

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