Monday, December 19, 2011

Nailed It: Purple Eclipse

Let me first thank the Karen, from Make Up and Beauty Blog for even giving me the tools I needed to do this half moon design. I reading  Karen's blog as I frequently do, and she had a very rare nail art post which the easiest most simple way to create a take on the french manicure. Well I decided to flip her idea around and finally achieve the half moon look that I'd been seeing in magazines for over a year now. This is by far the most simple nail design I've seen in a while.

Here's how to get the look:

  • Apply your base coat as normal and allow to dry
  • Apply one coat of a polish of your choice
  •   Choose two polishes, and apply one coat of one to your entire nail and allow to dry. This is a very important step your nail polish must be completely dry. You may even want to do this the night before
  •  Place reinforcement labels ( you can get these anywhere Target, Walmart, Officemax, Staples etc) near the cuticle of your nails, the lower the placement the smaller your half moon. If it is up too high it will look like a french manicure. 
  • Apply the second color above the reinforcement label (sorry I didn't get a picture of this), it's okay if you get nail polish on the label itself. Depending on how dark the color is you can use one of two coats
  • Allow second color to dry and finish with top coat
This is definitely a look you should try, I went in to get a Pedicure and the manicurist said "oh wow you nails are really cute, where did you get that done" when I told her I did them myself she immediately said "are you a manicurist too" I said no, but I guess I'm on my way to being an unofficial one. 

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