Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beauty Find of the Week: Nicole Drying Drops

As many of my loyal readers can see I've gotten a new obsession, Nail Art. With that comes patience and that is something I truly need to work on, and has caused me a lot of time in correcting mistakes, and smuges just because I didn't wait those 10 extra minutes. I think I may have found a quick fix Nicole by OPI Drying Drops, I'm telling you these little drops are a gift from the angels. Before you read on know this stuff is pricey as hell, but even if you aren't doing nail art and just basic polish it's a serious time save and we all know time IS money! The drops themselve are a blend which  used Jojoba Oil, and vitamin E which not only speeds up dry time but is excellent for your cuticles.
The 0.5fl oz bottle comes with a small dropper which allows you to get drop the perfect amount on your nails, and don't let the small amount fool you, you only need a small amount for each nail so it last a while. All you have to do is wait 1 minute after you've polished and drop the liquid right onto you nails and 5 minutes later you'll  have dry nails! The product is carried at all the local suspects (Sally's, Ulta), but can be most widely found at Target!

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