Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage Point: Alameda Points Fashion Faire (Part 2)

Amazing Vintage glasses, he's always at the Antiques Fair check him out!

You may remember me informing your of an amazing vintage clothing event call the Alameda Points Vintage Fashion Faire. Well I was lucky enough to attend the first day of the two day event so I can get a prime view, and "first stab" at the vintage treats.
Vintage Shoes from England
I walked into the venue and was completely amazed, The O Club which is located on the former Alameda Naval base is huge. I was literally engulfed by two ballrooms of vintage clothing, and accessories. It was one of the more amazing, and fun experiences I've had since starting this blog, I even got to met Jillian Knox who is new to the Bay Area but has a fabulous array of vintage finds at her shop Joules Jewels Vintage, as well as Mary Meg, I was just captivated by every single item that she created, I can't wait to bring you more on her.

Wonderful Corset from Mary Meg

Surprisingly the treats didn't stop at just the clothing there was a live band as well as cocktails provided by another Bay Area business St. George Spirits.

The dress I should've purchased :(

Don't be sad even if you missed the event, many of the people who were there are also at the Alameda Points Antique Fair, which occurs the first Sunday of every month. So you know what that mean, this Sunday November, 6th make sure you make your way there!

Rooster Skirt! Wasn't my size, but by far my one of my favorites.

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