Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BASF Beauty Week: Fall 2011 Cosmetics Trend Show- Clarins

Jill Reynolds with her eye candy, lighting up the house.

Clarins is not a new, but a tried and true brand that has gotten some of the best reviews. This however is my first time featuring the brand on the blog. The Clarins presentation was compelling, and honestly down right funny at points so it's with great regret that I don't have video for you. I do have some information on the key product that was highlighted during the presentation. Clarins did something truly unique and honed in to the 40+ skin care fans with it's Vital Light Serum. Vital Light Serum reduces dark sport, lines/wrinkles, and restores skins luminosity creating the look of younger looking skin for both men and women. Vital Light Serum via testing on women 50+ showed improvement the three key areas in as little as two weeks. I can't wait to bring you more of other products from the Clarins brand.

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