Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shoptalk: Petals and Peacocks

Being the casual girl that I am, I love a good t-shirt line, so I was excited to learn about Petals and Peacocks. Petals and Peacocks is a Bay Area based (San Jose, CA) women’s brand which is currently featuring tee, sweatshirts, and tanks. The line is edgy and some of the tops wouldn’t be welcomed everywhere (yeap profanity), but there is enough variety that even someone who’s not brazen enough to wear a curse word across their chest can find something. Petals and Peacocks is bringing in Fall 2011 with their “No Holds Barred” collection which features some no holds barred social commentary in the form of words and some well know symbols. Another bonus about the line is many of their products are about 10 dollars less than that of some larger known brands that specialize in graphic tees for women. Petals and Peacocks it definitely not a line for someone not willing to make a statement, or have a comment or two made about what they wear, but if your daring this line is for you. I'm looking forward to seeing the brand grow beyond tee's to something much more, and I'll be sure to keep you posted!

My two favorite’s pieces are the Fake sweatshirt and Losing My Religion tee. Of course the Losing My Religion tee reminded me of the popular R.E.M song, and now you will be stuck with in your head all day too, ENJOY!

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