Friday, September 30, 2011

Crimes of Fashion: Mengdi3wu Thick Lip Tote Bag

Disclaimer: I’m a person who rarely pulls the race card, or make every single slight or bad situation a race issue. I personally think find it counterproductive to most arguments or discussions.

Are you fu*king kidding me? I’m sorry for the censored language, but this bag in itself is not completely offensive but in combination with its name Thick Lip Tote Bag it is. I’m sorry but the use of blackface in fashion spreads have become all too common, but now I have to see it in the form of a tote is ridiculous. While I’m sure (or at least I hope) the intention was not to create a tote that looks like a black face doll that were so popular in the formerly segregated South that is exactly what the tote reminds me of. Adding insult to injury is that the eyes of the tote are X’s which implies death.

I’m asking my readers, twitter followers, and facebook friends to write, email, tweet Urban Outfitters and ask them to remove this item from their selection.

By Mail / Phone / Fax/Online
Urban Outfitters Direct30 Industrial Park Blvd. Trenton, SC 29847

US & Canada Residents:
Sales (800) 282-2200
Open from 7am-2am, EST, 7 days a week

Customer Service (800) 959-8794
Open from 8am - 8pm, EST, Monday - Friday


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