Monday, September 26, 2011

Beauty Find of the Week: TATCHA Evening Aburatorigami

I know I sound like a broken record, but I love to see Bay Area business grow especially ones that always take the time to make sure I’m updated on their latest endeavors. TATCHA is one such San Francisco based company which I had the pleasure of introducing to you a while ago.  Since my initial TATCHA post in 2009 and follow up interview with the wonderful,and sweet TATCHA founder and owner, Vicky Tsai the brand has graced the pages of some of the worlds most popular magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Allure, and even Rachel Zoe’s daily email. And yes, that means I scooped those magazines on a story!

Once again TATCHA has given me such the honor of being one of the first to introduce the brands newest offering Evening Aburatorigami. Evening Aburatorigami, has all of the attributes of TATCHA’s original blotting papers, they are made of 100% Abaca Leaf, Gold Flakes and are fragrance, powder, and oil free. What makes the evening version of TATCHA’s papers different is that they are infused with charcoal. Yes, that’s right charcoal is not only great for summertime barbecues, but it's great for your skin. Charcoal has great absorptive and purifiying attributes which have been used in Japan ( and worldwide) for air and water purification to a beauty treatment. Don’t believe me? Have you ever used one of those water pitchers with the built in filter, and forgot to change out the filter and noticed little black specks floating in the water? Well that’s charcoal used to purify your water, so just imagine what great purifying qualities it will have on your skin. 

What’s also great about this nighttime version of the original TATCHA papers are the size, they are much smaller than the original making them easy to fit in a  “night on the town” clutch. And as with the originals your makeup won’t budge only the oil produced by your skin and the impurities (partying) of the night air. You can purchase Evening Aburatorigami from the website $15 for a single pack of 40 sheets, or $50 for a four pack (160 sheets total).

P.S. Don’t know how to use them, here’s a helpful tip from the site:

Photo Credit: TATCHA
P.S-2.0 -  Oil on the skin, and impurities aren’t limited to women TATCHA is great for Men as well, and discreet enough to slip into your back pocket ;)

Disclosure: Product was provided by a TATCHA. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of any outside source.

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