Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Style File Find of the Week: Daydreamer LA Solid Tulip Back Tee

Cute, simple, and chic are words I would use to describe this great take on the plain t-shirt. I like the Daydreamer LA Solid Tulip Back Tee so much that I have pet names for it, like “business/party tee” or “mullet tee”. All jokes aside this tee is great; it can be cool and casual, and also a tad sexy all at once. I'll keep being a broken record for this cause but items of clothing that can be worn in many ways are pieces that should always be purchased. The Daydreamer LA Tulip Back Tee can be worn casually with a pair of jeans/ cut off shorts, or dressed up with great knee length pencil skirt /slacks. If you live in California, specifically the Bay Area and deal with a lot of moody weather this piece is excellent for layering and will carry you across seasons. I’m am however questioning the 28 dollar price tag, maybe it’s because I want it in all five colors (black, grey, ivory, purple, and pink) and have never paid 30 bucks for a t-shirt? Whatever color or quantities you choose wear this tee well.....happy shopping!

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