Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beauty Find of the Week: Victoria's Hands Hydration Butter

We all have our favorite lotions and potions from big name companies and some of us even have our own special concoctions we make for ourselves. K*leez Oil products is kind of the best of both worlds, it’s not yet a big name company, but the products are hand made by Kimberly Murrey- Lee who is a hairstylist by trade, but makes and sales K*leez Oil products. All K*leez OIl products are derived from recipes made by Kim’s own grandmother, and past down to her. I’ve had the pleasure to try the lines Victoria’s Hands Hydration Butter, and don’t let the name of the product fool you it's a multipurpose product and actually has much more to do with hair than with hands. Victoria’s Hands Hydration Butter is a rich, thick, all natural butter, made from cocoa, mango, and shea butters. Kim let me know that not only is this a hair product but, I can use it all over my body, so I’ve been using it on my extremely dry hands, as well as my feet. The butter was originally designed to add definition to your curls, much like curly girls favorite Miss Jessie’s Curl Pudding but at a much lower price point. Unlike similar products, Victoria’s Hands Hydration Butter and the rest of the K*leez Oil product line is made right here in the Bay Area and sold at Hair Sessions Phase II (3411 Lakeshore Ave Oakland, CA 94610) and of course online. If you stop by the brick and mortar location you can also book an appointment to get your hair styled, and shop some of the clothing in the salons boutique.

Disclaimer: The product used for this post was provided to Bay Area Style File by the manufacture/PR company.

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