Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shoptalk: Oaklandish in Downtown Oakland

As you guys know I love to see local businesses flourish, and no other company represents the city of my birth with more pride, honor, and dignity than Oaklandish, so it’s with great excitement that I can announce they are moving to their first brick and mortar location. Starting in July, Oaklandish will say goodbye to its current secret printing/office location (well it’s not a secret location to some of us) and move to the heart of the Oakland. The new location will be located at 1444 Broadway, where it will house the work space that creates the shirts you know and love, retail sale of Oaklandish gear, a home for non profit and community partners to thrive, and even a place local artist can feature their work. I think the company is on track with a lot of other local businesses and I’m not alone in that thought, Angela Tsay the director and one of the founders of the company has said Oaklandish “is making good on our belief that the rebirth of Oakland is well underway, and the city has enough local love to sustain real vitality downtown."

Just because the location will change doesn’t change the focus of the company, Oaklandish will still continue to provide the resources (including dollars) to support innovative community groups that help propel Oakland into a better, brighter future. And yes, you will still be able to visit the Rig at the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market on Saturdays as well as various street fairs across the Bay Area.

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