Monday, June 6, 2011

Nailed It: Melon Balls

Smush (L), Hangover (R) and yes the war paint on my palms

It's been a while since I've done a nail post, I've gone from Cal Gel (which I miss dearly) to CND's Shellac manicures and everywhere in between. Well I've gone back to natural nails, my nails needed a break for the gels while they don't require the "drilling" of acrylics they do leave your nails with more wear than just polish. What inspired this post was some polish only nail art that I got courtesy of the ladies of Kleur (I'll tell you more about them in a future post), so I decided I'd try some nail art on my own, even though I'm horrible at polishing.

Left Hand

I was also inspired by the bright pastels that are so trendy this season, and since I had two of Urban Outfitters newly reformulated and repackaged polishes I decided to go for it. I picked two colors a purchased a few months ago, Hangover a wonderful peachy orange, and Smush a minty blue green both are a pastel meets neon hue. I began applying two coats of each color alternating the colors of each nail and topped it with Essie's "Matte About you" top coat. Once the base color dried, I placed drops of the opposite color on each nail which created shiney dots atop the matte finish base (which inspired the title melon balls). Then I hoped against hope that it wouldn't smudge before drying.

Right hand

All in all the entire process took about 20 minutes including dry time, and I was pretty proud of myself for my first time nail art. What's even more amazing is it is still in perfect condition , no chipping after 3 days which is more than I can say about any other time I've had my nail polished. I may be on to something with DIY nail art, I can't do anything but get better at it!

P.S. Promise next time I'll get someone else to take the pictures :)

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