Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BASF Beauty Week: Guerlain

I don’t talk about it much but, I LIVE for bronzer. Yes, that’s right brown girls love bronzer to, funny thing is I actually don’t wear any foundation what so ever (insert gasp here), and only wear concealer on a rare occasion, so if I’m dressing up my skin it’s always with bronzer. I decided that I had to dedicate a post to Guerlain, who actually created the first bronzer not to mention the first lipstick in a tube and gave a wonderful demonstration using a lovely audience member during the Nordstrom Trend Show. There were two products highlighted by Guerlain , the first was a fun play on the lipstick tube Guerlain invented so long ago called Rouge Automatique which has a simple click action, and can be used with one hand and easily fits into any purse.

The second item the one that I’m so in love with is Guerlain Terracotta Spray Bronzing Powder it is literally bronzer in a can, all you have to do is simply mist your face for a flawless year around glow that won’t damage your skin. The mist is ultra light similar to that of airbrush makeup which covers your entire face in seconds. The bonus of this product is that it also has SPF 10 which gives you even more sun protection when worn over your normal moisturizer/sunscreen regiment. I didn’t record all of the Guerlain demonstration, but this quick snippet shows you exactly what it can do.

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