Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BASF Beauty Week: GHD

Model after getting her hair curled using a GHD styler

I decided to start BASF Beauty week with my favorite demo of the day which is from GHD. What I loved about GHD's portion is first I learned something, that the brands acronym stands for Good Hair Day which makes a lot of sense since the companies stylers bring smooth, silky, locks many celebrities, and the average woman. I also got to see this product truly work which is always something that motivates me to buy. The models hair was already lovely before but it was completely bone straight so a curl demo was perfect, performed extremely quickly (see the video below) and looked easy enough that you could do it yourself. The GHD's styler stayed on the theme of the day brightening (adding shine) the models already lovely locks and adding curl and volume. The motion to add this curl was simple, kind of like curling a ribbon on a gift by using the styler as you would the scissors and the hair as you would the ribbon. All GHD's stylers are lightweight, and feature plate guards, ceramic heaters, universal voltage for you travelers, a sleep mode for those of us who forget, and heats up in 30 seconds which is of course great for the woman on the go. Enough of what I have to say about the styler the demonstration speaks volumes.

You can of course find GHD Irons, and products at their website and of course Nordstrom.

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