Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoe Find of the Week: Spring/Summer 2011 Wedges

Other than the basic sandal or maybe even the flip flop no shoe really says Spring/Summer like a wedge and with the 70’s revival this spring and summer this is even more so the case. Over the years I’ve become more and more obsessed with the wedge, due to the fact that it gives you the height and style of a regular heel, and the comfort of a shoe that has no heel at all. What I love about this upcoming seasons wedge arrivals is the vibrant colors, powerful textures, and use of a variety of textiles to create this seasons wedges. We can now say bye-bye to the basic two strap, black/tan/brown leather, cork heel wedge and hello to some wonderful styles. Here are some of my favorites.........

All items from Solestruck

1 comment:

Fiamma said...

Gorgeous shoes! Especially the ones in the middle!


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