Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty Find of the Week: Birchbox

I love when I come across a great company while flipping through a magazine, and in the January Issue of Lucky Magazine, I came across on of the best beauty businesses I've ever seen, Birchbox. The premise behind Birchbox is simple try, then buy, yes I know it sound like simple infomercial but I promise you this company is nothing but class. Birchbox is like your own personal tester, but without the germs or pushy sales people. Here's what I did, I first browsed the site and just created a basic account, where I could purchase from the Birchbox store. Then I decided to sign up for a full membership which is the fun part, and how you receive deluxe samples from various beauty and skincare lines. You have can play with your samples, and don't have to worry about returning them. If you don't like something you can give it to a friend, but if you do love an item you can purchase the full sized item from the Birchbox store ( you'll receive free shipping if you buy an item for the current months box. You're box also comes with a card with a full descriptions of each item as well as pricing. What's even better is it's 10 dollars a month, a steal especially if you are a makeup maven, and have bough your fair share of duds that have languished in your makeup bag.

For the month of February, Birchbox wanted us to INDULGE and here is what was inside:

  • Bare Escentuals, Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara ( I LOVE IT)
  • BeFine, Exfoliating Brown Sugar Cleanser
  • NARS, Orgasam Illuminator ( Totally ordering the full size)
  • Pomega5, Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer
  • Sweetriot, Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs ( a Birchbox Treat)

I'm hooked, I think I'll be a member fore years to come!


Cassandra said...

found your blog through

and I LOVE this birchbox you speak of...I'm totally joining and telling everyone I know!

- Cassandra,

Car Service Bay Area said...

I have the O illuminator too. I like to use it as a base before applying O or DT blush; I find it makes my blush look more vivid and even glowier than usual, I also like to use it in the corners of my eyes. Sephora has 15 percent off now for VIB's so its a good time to buy the full size if you are a VIB.

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