Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Accessory Find of the Week: Spex Vision

Spex Club best sellers

Spex Vision isn’t technically an accessory but it does help you pick out the accessory that would best fit you. Spex Vision is the newest edition to Spex Club the virtual eyeglass store that I’ve told you about in the past. Spex Vision, take all the worry and hassle out of purchasing glasses online without being able to try them on. With Spex Vision you are now able to virtually try on glasses via the and here’s how:

1. Click on the ‘Spex Vision’ tab either in the top toolbar, or you can access this while browsing any style and clicking on the “Try Before You Buy” button towards the bottom.

2. You have the option to either 1. upload an image from your computer or 2. snap a quick picture with your Web cam or 3. Use one of the model pictures we have on file.

3. Once you choose your image, it will appear on the screen.

4. Under the image you’ll see three cards. One for the right eye, one for the left and one for your ear.

5. Drag the eye tags to the center of each eye so that the + lays over each pupil (L and R refers to camera left and camera right.) Drag the + of the ear tag to the outer edge of either ear choosing. Once everything is aligned, click ‘next.’

7. If you clicked the try on button directly from a particular style, the style will now appear on your image. But if you clicked the button on the toolbar you will be given the option to choose a style from the gallery. As you can see on the bottom toolbar, you have the option to change the glasses style or your image at any time.

8. Use the buttons on the bottom of the image to both adjust the size of the glasses, and the angle.

9. Once everything is situated, you’re set! You can buy directly from the toolbar below, share the image on Facebook, or start over with another pair.

Did I also mention Spex Vision comes at the best time because Spex Club is now offering $25 dollars off your next purchase which you can use through March 1st, all you need to do is sign up here. You can use the discount in conjunction with Spex Vision, and purchase from their new glasses, or even the vast sale section. And remember the first rule of Spex Club is tell everyone you know about Spex Club!

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