Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wonderbar Wednesday: Week 5

Week 5 must be the charm, because I’m seeing some minor lightening of the hyper-pigmentation on my lower jaw, and the dark spots on my chin are completely gone not to mention the fine bumps that I was so irritated with week 3 have also gone away. Another thing to rave about it the excellent customer services I’ve received, remember when I mentioned that you can post questions on the Wonderbar Facebook page, and you were guaranteed a response, well I received a response via Facebook in week 3 but to my surprise I also received a follow up email this past weekend from Tiffany the Wonderbar Facebook page guru checking on the fine bumps I was mentioning. Tiffany was making sure that it wasn’t the combination of my moisturizer Josie Maran’s Aragan Oil (which I used prior) Wonderbar. While Josie Maran’s Argan Oil is suggested by Wonderbar as a compatible product, it doesn’t work for everyone, so you may have to go to some trial and error with moisturizers. All in all I’m feeling like I’m over the “healing crisis” hump and that Wonderbar is beginning to change my skin for the better.

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