Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wonderbar Wednesday: Week 2

I'm officially onto my 3rd week of the Wonderbar, but I wanted to fill you in on what happened in the past week. The bar itself has been dwindling down pretty quickly, and I'm thinking that I should have checked out more beauty blogs for tips on how to make the bar last. I have come up with a technique that seems to be keeping the bar intact, instead of wetting the bar, I wet my hands and rub the bar on my fingertips which gives you just enough lather for your face. If you decide to purchase the Wonderbar I would spend the first few days figuring out how to make it last. Making it last is important because the bar is pricey compared to your run of the mill face washes, the 25 gram size ( which I have) is priced at $40, the next size up 80 grams is $105 and a pack of 4, 25 gram sized bars is $140. Looking at the current size of my bar, I'll have to make an investment within the next week or so.
So now to my progress, I'm still in the "healing crisis" which some reviewers said eased up around the 2 week mark, while others say that the process lasted for over a month. For me around day 8 is when the dryness kicked in full force, and day 10 I started surprisingly getting a few white heads on this desert which I now call my skin, the good thing is that as quickly as the bumps appeared they were gone within 24 hours. The worse of the experience thus far has been on my neck which felt like tight snake skin, or or as if I'd spend my day in a snow storm ( yeap a little painful). I also had some extreme dryness around my nose and my eye area. I became use to the feel of the dry skin that is until about day 11 when my neck and my chin became itchy which as also quickly subsided. As of day 14 some of dry to the touch feel has gone, but my skin is still noticeably dryer. I hope next week I can report some alleviation in hyper-pigmentation which is one of my goals for this product.
Check out my Wonderbar story from the beginning:

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