Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beauty Find of the Week: Wonderbar (Pre-Wonderbar)

I’ve been hearing so much buzz about Wonderbar and I've also been in search of the perfect skin care item so I decided to reach out to them, and I got a warm response as well as a sample of the product. What is Wonderbar you’re asking well it's not a soap but a bar that is pH balanced to be compatible with your skin and is made of Austrian Deep Moor (Clay/mud), and a secret ingredient called Chlorey’nahre (an algae derivative) the unique combination detoxifies and enhances the skin.

So what exactly does Wonderbar do? Well in addition to the basics of Cleansing, Toning, and exfoliating, Wonderbar also, balances the skin (oily skin = less oily etc), firms, reduce redness, removes free radicals, assist with eczema/psoriasis, helps fight acne, lightens hyperpigmentation, moisturizes, and in addition for men, reduces razor burns and ingrown hairs. For me my big issues are, the occasional acne breakouts, and the hyperpigmentation that it leaves, so I have my fingers crossed that this will work.

With this product I 've decided to so something a little diffrent, and expose myself or at least my skin by doing a weekly post (I'll be starting late next week) so that you can see my progress as well as find out more about Wonderbar.

This is my only real trouble spot my jaw line/chin

P.S. My skin doesn’t look this bad in person(I don't even wear foundation); I’m actually a little embarrassed.

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