Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shoe Find of the Week: Stride Fitness Athletic

photo cred: Payless Shoesource
I have to start off this post with a quick background story, when I was in my early teens and it was back to school time, my grandmother bought me a pair of tennis shoes from *drum roll* Payless Shoe Source, needless to say I was mortified and NEVER wore them. Flash forward some years and Payless Shoe Source is better know as just Payless, and I’ve actually done multiple blog post on how stylish their shoes are. Payless has not only come a long way with collaborating with top designers, but they’ve also started making wonderful athletic shoes. As you may have seen from a couple of my past post, I am really into fitness a 6 days a week workout type of girl ( I finished P90X , and am on my last week of P90X plus) so it’s only right that I invest in great workout gear. However workout gear can be a pretty heavy investment, luckily Payless and Champions have come to my rescue with their Stride Fitness Athletic shoe. The Stride may look familiar because a big name company has created a shoe with similar technology but at over 3 times the price.

The Stride uses a sole of two curved pods to transfer air between the heel and the front of the foot to encourage muscle toning as well as comfort with every step (Air Traverse Toning Technology) . The idea is pretty simple, the two curved pods force your body to do a little extra work to keep on balance which makes your leg muscles work harder and therefore assist in toning. I think what’s even more amazing other than the fact that your toning with every step is that the shoe is well made with breathable mesh, leather, and non skid rubber sole. The Stride is priced at $29.99 which for a well made athletic shoe with out any extra toning bonus is a great price. I’ve had mine for over a week, and I love them I've even noticed that it was harder to stay balanced during workouts making me work just a tad bit harder, but even if your just using them for walking their a great buy. HAPPY SHOPPING!

P.S there is also a style for Men, a little more expensive at $34.99

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