Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BASF Men's: Slim Worker Cutoff Shorts

If you’re a long time follower of my blog then you’ll know that I also had a Bay Area Style File Men’s site (Born March 2008 - Deceased a few months later). The reason behind ending the site was simple I just didn’t have the time to invest in two sites, but I’ve decided that Bay Area Men deserve a little fashion love too, so now you have BASF Men’s within the regular site. The post won’t be as frequent as the ones for the ladies, but I’ll make sure I keep you abreast of wonderful men’s wear. First up, shorts! It's summer and it's supposes to be hot but in the Bay Area those pesky weather rules don't apply. However you should always be ready for those hot days and I personally think it’s great to see a man in shorts. Many men avoid them because they can’t find the right length or they can’t find ones that fit properly (note: go to a tailor and have your inseam measured properly). Urban Outfitters, has a great pair of Slim Worker Cutoff Shorts, by BDG that will make any man look great! I know what you’re saying guys, slim + cutoffs = NO, but the slim cut is relaxed not ultra tight like skinny jeans and the chino ( Khaki) material is forgiving, plus the length hits about mid-knee a perfect length for a man, anything too long and you look silly, and too short you look like Richard Simmons! The shorts come in 3 colors Ombre Blue (shown), Khaki, and Limestone and are priced at 39 bucks which is a good find for a a pair of shorts that will get you through not just this summer but many more. Happy Shopping Dudes!
photo cred: Urban Outfitters

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