Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shoptalk: Stript Wax Bar

I love the Bay Area and that’s why I’ve dedicated my blog to the Bay Area. Through my blog I’m realizing there are a lot of Bay Area natives that are just as passionate and Oakland’s own Katherine Goldman is one of them. Katherine Goldman an esthetician and the business women behind Stript Wax Bar or should I say Bars because there are three locations one in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and the one I’m going to call my new home Oakland opened this year, and I mean all three locations opened all this year. Within this year Stript Wax Bar has been featured in the May 2010 Allure and Cosmopolitan Magazine so that alone should tell something. Now here’s a little about my experience there, the Oakland location is right on College Avenue nestled into a very hip and stylish Oakland neighborhood, the salons aesthetic is very bright, modern, with just a touch of femininity that’s not too overwhelming, because they do offer services for men as well.
As you walk in to the bright building you see some products along the walls which aid in waxing, some lingerie (which I bought), as well as some makeup (which I’ll be telling you more about in another post). The service I elected to get was a brow tint, which Katherine herself performed and  as I expected very professional and filled with a lot of fun conversation. The results were spectacular, Katherine even cleaned up my brows ( I was between threading) with her trusty scissors and tweezers. This service was complementary, but I immediately scheduled another appointment for what will be my first facial, in addition to Stript Wax Bar being my go to place for brow tinting. While I don’t wax because of my psoriasis (even Katherine said “waxing isn’t for everyone”) I did get to see someone getting their brows waxed by the wonderful and friendly Candace who ironically used strip(t) less wax which was purple and smelled of soothing lavender.

So regardless of if you wax or not Stript Wax Bar has something for you including services that make them a stand out from any crowd including there Vajacial ( a facial for your bikini area post waxing), Men’s and Women’s waxing services, and facials. If you're interested you can make your appointment at one of the three salons online, and for the Oakland location you can also call (510) 653-2wax .


T said...


hahahaha! This place looks cute.

m.fay said...

congrats getting picked for IFB links of the week!


Rosie said...

Oh cool! Excited for this writeup as I have a Groupon to use there!!

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