Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shoe Find of the Week: Stella from H by Halston

“Hello Lover!” is what I’m saying to these shoes in my best Sarah Jessica Parker voice. This gorgeous shoe is called the STELLA and comes in white, gold, white, brown, and black, but I care nothing of those colors because the multi color is the most beautiful. Another reason other than this shoes looks almost exactly like the show Sarah Jessica Parker or should I say “Carrie” wore in the open scene of SATC2 ( although her’s were Glitter Pigalle by Louboutin), is that these shoes are made by Halston, or it’s more reasonable priced diffusion line H by Halston. The Halston link is also another nod to SJP because she is co-designing the Halston Heritage line. Okay not back to the shoe and H by Halston, the line is very small right now and consists of this show, and an evening bag which can be found exclusively at Bakers Shoes. The Stella is a classic stiletto in every since of the word, high heel, pointed toe and other than the addition of some sparkle no extra frill just an easy, sophisticated shoe. I have to admit I’m a little scared, because it’s been a very long time since I’ve worn a shoe without at least a hidden platform which is surprisingly comfortable and keep the balls of my feet from crying out in pain at the end of the night. I think that I will suffer for fashion and step out of my platform addiction for this shoe, and for the $79.95 price tag why not? HAPPY SHOPPING

Dying to get the entire look including the white dress for a little less? Well in addition to the Stella shoes, you can pick up a dress similar to the Halston Heritage ($325) one worn by SJP/”Carrie” , try this XOXO dress for just 30 bucks.
The real deal close up......swooooooon!
photo cred: Bakers Shoes, New Line Cinema, HBO Films

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