Monday, May 3, 2010

Beauty Find of the Week: Josie Maran's Argan Oil

A couple weeks ago, Josie Maran herself introduced you to her wonderful cosmetics line and now it’s my turn to introduce you to some of my favorite products. The one product that is the staple of Josie Maran’s line isn’t makeup at all but an ancient skin care staple from Morocco, Argan Oil. What is Argan Oil you ask well it’s an oil produced by the kernel of the Argan tree which is native to Morocco where the Berbers (Morocco’s native people) have been using the ground kernels for thousand of years for not only cosmetic purposes but also for cooking. Women of this region use this product on their hair, skin, and the anti aging qualities have made it very popular across the world. Josie Maran’s line uses the oil in many products, but she also has a 100% organic pure Argan Oil product that I have been using for over 3 months, and I have to say its perfection! I have naturally oily skin and since I’ve been using this product as my moisturizer (day and night) this product doesn’t make my skin any more oily than normal since it absorbs into the skin quickly, it has actually gave my skin a supple softness that it hasn’t had before. I also use to use a prescribed retinoid to control acne, and I haven’t used it in three months and I haven’t had any breakouts, plus it has lightened old acne scars, as well as minimized the size of my pores. Like I said it can be used not only on your face but any place on your body that requires moisture, including a hair treatment, and on your cuticles. Josie Maran’s Argan Oil even come in a recyclable glass bottle in either the full 50ml size ($48), or the travel size 14ml size ($14) and they last quite a while because a little goes a long way. You can find Josie Maran’s collection in store at select Sephora’s ( SF Powell Street has the entire collection), as well as the travel size Argan Oil at all Sephora’s, and of course the entire line at Josie Maran Cosmetics. Happy Shopping!

photo cred: Josie Maran Cosmetics

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S. Marks said...

I have oily skin and acne worse. . . I have seriously tried everything from pro-actively to clean and clear to noxema to Arbonne Neutrogena and everything in between. Salycilic acid and benzoyl peroxide do not work for me. I was looking in Emu Oil, but I do not know whether my skin would become even more oily or not, and see if they would be under good foundation. I wear make-up as well, and as my face gets really oily quickly, I was a good foundation that covers up blemishes and not look oily looking. I think I’m for suggestions to each face washes, creams, make-up or treatment, seek and work. I am a student and I do not have all that much money, so I do not usually real expensive stuff. Thank you!

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