Thursday, April 15, 2010

Style File Find of the Week: Quail Florette Bomber

I’m not sure if it’s fashion déjà vu or what but I L-O-V-E love this jacket. What makes it a flashback of sorts is when the original Sex and The City movie premiered in 2008 Carrie Bradshaw wore one very similar to it, since that day I have obsesses over it and, thanks to Urban Outfitters I can have something very similar to it, the Quail Florette Bomber is just as stunning as what I saw Mrs. Big wearing on her NYC stoop. This frilly, but not too girly piece will add pizzazz to anything it’s paired with, a little black dress, leggings/tunic, and jeans/tee. Now I can only hope I can saved up $338 (pretty steep) so that I can wear it to the May 27th , Sex and The City 2 opening night out with the girls!

Oh and speaking of Sex and The City 2 here’s the official Trailer!

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