Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dare to Wear: Knot Front Romper

To romp or not to romp that IS the question. I’ve been debating about the entire romper trend for a while now. The particular piece that has almost gotten me over to the romp-side is the Silence & Noise Knot Front Romper. What I love about it is it's very edgy, fashion forward, and architectural bodice, as well as the casual sweatshirt fabric that makes it a very versatile (dress up/down) piece. Unlike most rompers I’ve seen it’s not gimmicky or cheesy, and the short length doesn’t remind you of something a child would wear. The reason I’m thinking of buying it again is a friend of mine asked “ what do you think of rompers, I think you’d look cute in one” and while I’m still undecided on if I’d look cute in one or not her statement is giving me just a little more courage. Another thing is I’ve seen this romper in person and it’s even more gorgeous, it’s well made (with boning in the bodice) and for what you are getting at 48 dollars it’s a STEAL!
photo cred: urban outfitters

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