Monday, April 26, 2010

Cover Shots: Jones Magazine (Premiere Issue)

The day has arrived, when I can finally stop saying “ because there aren’t any black fashion magazines” when my aunt inquires, “ Why don’t you have any black magazines?” My new magazine is Jones a high fashion, fashion, beauty, accessories, and even home décor magazine that features African American women, a large volume African American writers/photographers (note: there are non African American contributors as well), and ads featuring African American women. I first found out about this magazine when I was watching TV and saw a commercial for a show called “Keeping Up With the Joneses“ which centers around Tracey Ferguson, Jones magazine founder and Editor In Chief and her journey to take the magazine from a regional one (Houston –centric) to a national audience. Before I could even get to the third episode I found out via twitter that the dream of becoming a national magazine had become reality. What I also found out is that the premiere national issue featured my all time favorite model Veronica Webb, and I of coursed subscribed ($15.99). I have to say that I am as happy with Jones as I am with my other two favorites, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. Unlike my other two favorites Jones, is a quarterly publication issued during spring, summer, winter, fall, and I can’t wait until they grow to be a monthly magazine. And you don’t have to be a women of color to read this magazine they feature products, and fashion that speak to all women!

photo cred: Jones

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