Monday, April 12, 2010

Cover Shots: Jessica Simpson on Marie Claire

Let me start by saying Marie Claire is one of my favorite magazines, and Jessica Simpson well I’ve loved her since her “Candy” video and I believe she is truly beautiful no matter what the tabloids say or how little or how much makeup she wears. What I am taking issue with is when women are sold something too good to be true. The May 2010 issue of Marie Claire has the gorgeous Jessica Simpson ( who is also the guest beauty editor) gracing the cover with the claim of “No makeup, No retouching….” (Including the hair which is said to be washed and air dried). I’m saying not so fast, I’m seeing the use of product in these shots (very minimal though). Just from looking at this picture via my subscribers copy I saw that there’s possibly some tinted moisturizer, there is definitely a tinted lip balm/lip stain, minimal blush, and there is definitely some “product” in that hair. This isn’t to say that shot on the cover or the shots inside are any less beautiful, and I personally think they're very natural, just not what they claim it to be. What do you think?

you tell me that isn't lipgloss!

photo cred: Marie Claire

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