Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shoe find of the Week: Jal-Jacko Glittered Oxfords

Move over ballet flat it’s the year of the oxford, which I’m kind of obsessed with by the way. At all my favorite online shops for shoes Aldo, Urban Outfitters, and Free People I have at least one pair of white leather, black leather, patented, or floral patterned oxfords added to my virtual wishlist. The oxford is a great transitional shoe for work/play and the Jal-Jacko Glittered Oxfords from Forever 21 while you won't be wearing it to work is a super fun option as well. I’m drooling over them, I love sparkles and eye catching pieces so it's right up my alley. And for a fun shoe that may not get worn frequently it’s priced appropriately at $20.80. HAPPY SHOPPING!

P.S. I know I know it's ummm "replica" ( I'm trying to use nice words for knockoffs) of the Christian Louboutin Fred Flat, but really who can afford $595 on glittered oxfords, and even if you could ask yourself would you?

photo cred: Forever 21

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